We realize that it can be intimidating to visit a new church. Maybe it’s been a while since you came to church, or perhaps you grew up in a different religious tradition, or none at all. We want to put you at ease—this is an easygoing bunch and it’s pretty hard to “do it wrong” at PCD. You will see folks dressed in suits and in jeans and sometimes shorts. Please, Come as you are.
Worship begins at 10:30 a.m. and last about an hour. We have a printed bulletin which helps you see where we are in the service and what’s coming next. Communion, also called the Lord’s Supper or the Eucharist, is celebrated at different times throughout the calendar year. Christ’s table is open to all. Most Sundays after church we have coffee and snacks in the Annex, the room to the left of the pulpit. This informal conversation time is the heart of PCD. You are warmly invited to join us, or grab a quick cup of coffee on your way out.
Children are always welcome at PCD. We have a time with the children each Sunday in which they receive a special message from the pastor or other church leader. Following this time, children are invited to either remain with their parents in worship or sit at the table located in the Annex where there is a table & chairs and activities for the children to do. What is most important to us is that your child knows they are welcome and feels comfortable in worship.


Christian Education is a very important part of our life together.

At 9:30 every Sunday morning, children are invited to gather in Westminster Hall with their teacher for a fun time of learning about God’s grace and the love of Jesus Christ. They are given opportunities to explore creative ways in which to learn the stories and genuine love of Christ.

The adults gather in Westminster Hall to explore some of the many ways to continue to grow in their faith. Learning–about scripture, theology, church, our faith tradition, and how faith and life intersect–is a key part of what it means to be a Presbyterian. We are always on a journey of faith seeking understanding. Throughout the year there are a variety of educational gatherings, from one-time events to seasonal Bible studies.